Welcome! And Sorry! The Devil's Gate is no more. I've moved onto bigger and better things though. I've started up a game development studio with Marie Barnes and Robert Burgess called Just Play a Game Studios. We're well into our first game project, which you can find more about on the website.

I'm also still hard at work on making a comic. It's called Void Domain eM and will be launching... eventually. You can keep up with it here.

Finally, I also blog from time to time, over at my Midnight Echoes site.

David has his own website and Java development studio now, Ooruk Studios. It ironically doesn't have a site yet....

If you're wondering just what the Devil's Gate was, it was a science fiction webcomic about a group of smugglers aboard the freighter starship Devil's Gate. It was an adventure-heavy space opera that ran as a webcomic from 2005 until 2008, with a brief revival in 2010. It was convcieved by Stan Kramer (that's me) and Charles Haigh with it's core cast drawing from my pool of old characters (Youmi, Clara, Naye, and sort of jeremy and Osaka). By the time it launched in 2005 David Shelton had joined us as web designer and co-writer. Charles left the project in 2006 and David and I continued it for another two years before life events forced us to cancel the comic. I revived the Devil's Gate briefly in 2010 with the help of Frank Wade as it's colorist. This version didn't last very long as it quickly became apparent that the Devil's Gate just wasn't meant to be. I can't speak for Charles or David, but my time working on the Devil's Gate was some of the most fun I've ever had, and it'll always hold a special place in my heart as the first project I ever stuck with for more than six months as well as the first project I ever released to the pubic. But onto bigger and better.

And for those familiar with the Devil's Gate, you may be interested to know that versions of the Youmi and Clara characters are the focus of Void Domain eM. They'll likely be very familiar, but slight different.

Just Play A Game Studios
A game development studio founded by Marie Barnes and Stan Kramer.


Void Domain eM
A science fiction comic by Stan Kramer.


Midnight Echoes
The personal blog of Stan Kramer.


Ooruk Studios
David Shelton's web and Java development studio. Site coming soon...ish?